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Senior Data Engineer - CIPDS IAOD platform team

Salary negotiable  /  Working experience not required  /  Shanghai

2022-05-13 Update

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Job type

  • Recruitment Type:Social Recruitment
  • Work Type:Full-time

Job descriptions

About Our Team:

We are the CIPDS IAOD platform team. IAOD stands for Interactive Analytical On Demand. We are focus on building the massive and interactive data analytical services to provide comprehensive big data solution for our analysts/investigators to solve complex compliance problem easily.

We are trying to design and develop innovative and sophisticated big data solution like large scale graph processing, interactive data analysis and solve the tech challenges in enterprise data domain including high throughput, low latency and high availability using the cutting-edge big data technology.

Our team members are mainly located in Shanghai.

Job qualifications

EE/CS or related majors. Bachelor and above.

3+ years working in data engineer or a similar role.

Solid Java or Scala programming skills.

Good understanding of database principles and SQL beyond just data access.

Experience in data solutions with big-data technologies including open-source data processing frameworks (e.g. Spark, Flink, Gigraph) and NoSQL database (e.g. HBase, ES, Druid).

Strong communication skills in Oral and Written English.

Experience in design and implementation of REST-APIs and SpringBoot is a big plus.

Experience in OLAP system (e.g. Druid) is a big plus.

Job requirements

  • Degree:Bachelor
  • Work Experience:Working experience not required
  • Language:English


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