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资深机器学习基础架构工程师 Staff ML Infrastructure Engineer

Salary negotiable  /  5Y  /  Shanghai

2022-04-06 Update

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Job type

  • Recruitment Type:Social Recruitment
  • Work Type:Full-time
  • 职位分类:Software Engineering

Job descriptions

• Design, build, evolve, and scale state-of-the-art Machine Learning system infrastructure powering PayPal's AI/ML and Data Processing Platforms.

• Explore, evaluate and utilize cutting edge Machine Learning frameworks and solutions in the industry, iterate quickly in prototyping platform build-ups.

• Work with Product Owners, Architects, and platform users to design, implement and test customer facing Machine Learning platform capabilities.

• Work with Machine learning / Deep learning researchers and backend engineers to implement scalable solutions to solve complex problems.

• Drive platform user adoptions through documentation, presentations and demos.

Job qualifications

- 5+ years experience for MS; 7+ years experience for BS.

- BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience in related field.

- A senior software engineer with very solid Java and Python programming skills, and system operation experience of Unix or Linux systems.

- Excellent experience with Bigdata technologies (Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Flink, Kafka, etc.).

- Excellent Experience with Cloud and Container-based technologies (AWS, Google cloud, Kubernetes, docker, etc.).

- Good experience with Machine Learning knowledge and technologies (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Sci-kit, Theano, SparkMlib, etc.).

- Experience with Configuration Management tools (Ansible, puppet, etc.) is a plus.

- Experience with Monitoring, Alerting and Performance Analysis tools (Grafana, Zabbix, etc.) is a plus.

- Strong English verbal and written communication skills.

- Good leadership and strong ability to understand business requirements clearly, take pressure and lead team members to deliver outcome.

- Good initiative, conscientiousness, active and hard working attitude, great technical enthusiasm and be positive for new technologies and changes.

Job requirements

  • Degree:Bachelor at least
  • Work Experience:5Y+
  • Language:Not Required


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