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Executive Escalations投诉管理专家

Salary negotiable  /  2Y  /  Shanghai

2022-10-26 Update

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Job type

  • Recruitment Type:Social Recruitment
  • Work Type:Full-time

Job descriptions

EE Analyst will be responsible for handling all internal/ external escalated customer complaints. The role would need to work with cross business functions, such as Customer Service, Risk and Compliance, Legal and Business Management team to support on the customer complaints management and handling.

Job qualifications

Job Descriptions:

•Resolve internal escalated tough customer complaints independently such as Executive Escalations and customer service tough complaints escalations. Try best to find out the solution which can make both company and customers achieve win-win.

•Represent company to handle the walking in customers who makes complaints by face to face with good negotiation skills.

•Work closely with different levels’ stakeholders from different departments on escalations from government institutions/regulators such as Consumer Service Center, Market Supervision Administration, People's Bank of China and so on.

•When performing as a supporting role, using professional operation knowledge and personal influence to engage with stakeholders. Help key decision makers understand complaints background and make most proper final company level decisions.

•Draft complaints reports.

•Proactively find out the opportunities in company products/process/policy by complaints root cause analysis, which co-work with related supporting teams to improve customer experience.


•Customer Focus

•Drive for Results

•Timely Decision Making

•Problem solving

•Interpersonal and negotiation

•Strategic and Organizational Agility

•Business Acumen

Preferred Qualifications:

•Bachelor’s degree or above.

•Requires at least 2 years’ tough complaints handling experience.

•Advanced skills in Microsoft Office tools

•Strong verbal communication skills utilizing active listening and clearly speaking to customer and writing skill (in both Mandarin and English) with solid logistic.

•Good at interpersonal skills

•Customer focus by make outbound calls or emails to customers to help resolve complaints in the most efficient way with customer friendly manner. Practice best judgment on what support needed for customer; actively listen to customer concerns, take ownership and empowerment in leading solutions.

•Problem solving by effectively identify problems and issues with relevant research via the appropriate tools. Decide on the outcome of complex issues. Keeping in mind that decisions may impact customer retention, company loss or savings, as well as resulting in legal action or reputational damage.

•Comfort around senior management which can co-work with senior managers/directors without undue tension and nervousness. Can determine the best way to get things done with them by talking their language and responding to their needs.

•Time management which be able to handle multiple complex and high priority tasks simultaneously with well-developed sense of urgency and follow-through.

•Organizational agility which works very closely with all departments within company as well as performing a supporting role in assisting company’s Legal/Compliance Policy/Public Relations teams in resolving escalated customer issues. Knows how organizations work and how to get things done both through formal channels and the informal network.

•Have confidence to handle tough situation under high pressure any time.

Job requirements

  • Degree:Bachelor at least
  • Work Experience:2Y+
  • Language:英语


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