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General Manager - Club Med JoyView Resort

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  • 招聘类型:社招
  • 工作性质:全职
  • 职位分类:Village 度假村


Mission 1 :Pre opening & launch area

(a) Work very closely with HQ in Shanghai to establish operations

(b) Co defines, with referent teams in HQ, all the operating supplies and equipment needed for the launch and heps in the procurement

(c) Co defines, with HR team in HQ, the qualitative and quantitative needs in terms of staffing and the related budget

(d) Co defines, with referent teams in HQ, resort’s activities and services offers

(e) Launch the hotel for both soft and hard openings

(f) Oversees sales and marketing activities during the opening phase

Mission 2 :Business key area : steers the business in the resort

(a) Is responsible for optimizing the business results of the resort (resort expenditures / receipts) and for the Operational contribution of the P&L of their resort : leads the hotel sales culture, regularly analyze business results, ensure costs are controlled and revenue opportunities are effectively sourced and delivered

(b) Is responsible for optimizing local sales in the resort (stays and complementary sales) as part of the objective set : builds action plans in view of developing local sales and associated Marketing tools

(c) Creates, and implement business procedures

(d) Guarantees the operation of the resort in a set frame (budget, product, workforce) and a set time limit (duration of the assignment);

(e) Establish budget and revenue projections, evaluates investment needs for the resort and implements the budget;

(f) Ensures that internal management procedures are applied (inventory, stocks, purchases, etc)

(g) Develops and implements strategic plans to attract new prospects by studying opportunities and by getting locally integrated

Mission 3 :People key area provides motivational leadership to the teams, by being an ambassador of Club Med’s values

(a) Is responsible of the direct management of the management team : develops and recruits talented managers and participates in succession planning process

(b) Is responsible for the HR management of the resort’s staff in compliance with the internal standards and procedures

(c) Ensures that Club Med standards, policies and procedures are understood and followed by all the staff

(d) Ensures that the staff is well trained and prepared to deliver an upscale experience to the clients, in line with the brand standards and that they have the tools and equipment needed to effectively carry out their job functions

(e) Is responsible for the operation of the resort in compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and requirements of any state or municipal authority.

(f) Is responsible for the relationship with the social partners, in compliance with the internal standards and the local regulations. However, GM must refer to the Regional HRD for all matters in connection with the evolution of the social framework.

(g) Communicates the vision to all managers, supervisors and employees to better understand Club Med;

(h) Creates a diverse and supportive work environment in a multi-cultural setting.

Mission 4 :Clients / product key area : guarantees the delivery of the client promise and the quality of service, and the respect of hygiene and safety standards

(a) Develops a long-term vision of the resort and guarantees the resort atmosphere, by adapting the service provisions delivered to the guest’s expectations within the framework defined (strategic orientations, range level, financial aspects, logistics)

(b) Is responsible of the implementation and the application of the standards of products (SOP)

(c) Is Responsible in conducting relations with owner;

(d) Ensures Guest Satisfaction by optimizing the service process and mindset;

(e) Leads the hotel’s ongoing improvement culture by focusing team on identifying trends and developing and implementing solutions;

(f) Is responsible for applying and controlling the standards and the applicable regulations (legal and internal) in terms of hygiene, health and safety, with regards to the clients and employees

(g) Contributes to the maintenance of good relationships with local authorities and organizations.


Job experience :

(a) Experience in managing resort in China, rich experience in pre-opening is a plus.

(b) Experience in resolving conflicts with guests, supervisor and employee;

(c) Sales and Marketing background is essential

(d) Good knowledge of the hospitality industry

Skills :

(a)Minimum 10 years in hospitality industry with 4 years’ experience as GM in hospitality industry.Proven leadership, organizational and management skills

(b)Strong customer service focus

(c)Results oriented mindset, be focused on achieving financial targets

(d)Ability to communicate successfully in both written and verbal format

(e)Ability to work under pressure and deadlines

(f)Ability to problem solve and use good judgment

Languages :Chinese national or fluent Mandarin speaking + fluent English.


  • 学历要求:无
  • 工作经验:无
  • 外语要求:Chinese national or fluent Mandarin speaking + fluent English.